Kenapalah bah kira sudah terlambat mau kasi tau pasal group ini manang Anugerah Juara Lagu tapi bangga juga lah kan.

A bit about them from their website:

“Estranged started out in the year 2001 when Rich and Din were students in the International College of Music (ICOM) wanting to play rock music, therefore, they gathered a bunch of guys who had similar interests, thus, Estranged is formed. The band started off with their first ever gig in year 2001 at TwelveSI and since then, the gigs kept on coming.”

Band Members:

RICH : Richael Lawrence Gimbang
DIN HORMATOV : Solihuddin Hormat
HANAFI : Nor Hanafi
KEN : Chow Ken Chung
ANDY : Azwin Andy Malik